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How to Work Out to Build the Most Masculine and Attractive Body Possible

Do you have a goal?

Does your workout have some purpose or are you just hanging around and

doing whatever you feel like doing today?

  • If you are an athlete or want to just improve your endurance then train for performance.
  • If you are just a regular guy wants to look good then train for looks.

Most of the guys want to look good and it always surprises me, how few of them are willing to admit this and actually design their workouts around this goal.

If your goal is to have a masculine and attractive body, the purpose of your workout needs to be to help you build a masculine and attractive body.

Simple, right? Well, 90% guys who go to the gym still miss this.

In order to achieve [click to continue…]


Weight Training Exercises To Avoid

to Build Muscle Fast


If you want to build muscle and get big and strong you are going to have to lift weights. Strength training, working out and lifting wights is one of the safest sports you can do.  Sure injuries do occur but at much lower rates than you would expect, and much lower than things like golf, tennis, or even running.

But there are some strength training exercises that are not so safe. [click to continue…]

Grilled Tex-Mex Chicken

 Healthy Chicken Recipes

Chicken recipes are a staple in a bodybuilders diet, and for good reason. Healthy chicken recipes are one of the best muscle building foods because they allow you to build muscle but limits the amount of fat you gain.  If you are looking for some muscle building recipes, I sugest you give this tex mex chicken recipe a try.  It’s delicious!

This muscle building recipe doesn’t take long to prepare but it does need to marinate for at least 8 hours.  I hate to get up early so the best thing to do is make it the night before. It doesn’t take long so you can get it together while your supper cooks. Then let it sit overnight and all day while you’re at work.  Pop it in the oven when you get home and your ready to enjoy this healthy chicken recipe with no fuss.

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Push Up Variations

Forget the push up bars, discover push up variations that will challenge you. By changing up your hand and feet positions, throw in a few twists, and the boring easy push-up becomes a versatile muscle builder that will have the biggest strongest guy at your gym crying for his mother.

Push ups are a great body weight exercise that [click to continue…]

This is the second half of the best exercises to build muscle mass.  If you missed the very best of the muscle building exercises I suggest you don’t read another word and see what exercises you can’t live without out if you looking to build muscle fast…

Part 1 Best Muscle Building Exercises

10 Best Muscle Building Exercises

for Adding Muscle Mass Fast [click to continue…]

Lean Hybrid MuscleLean Hybrid Muscle Introduction

For those of you looking to build muscle and burn fat this two part interview is worth reading. This is the second half of the interview with Mike Westerdal of Lean Hybrid Muscle Building

In case you missed it here is part 1 – Gain Muscle Lose Fat Lean Hybrid Method

In the first half of the interview Mike explains what lean hybrid muscle is and why every looking to build and burn will be well served by this program. The two also talk about hybrid muscle fibers, going beyond your genetic limits, and much more…

Don’t for get to grab your free report…

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

Discover 7 Secrets to Help You Pack On Dense Ripped Muscle!

NN: How would one go about building this super hybrid muscle fiber? [click to continue…]

Best Muscle Building Exercises

gain muscle fast with these top 10 bodybuilding exercises

Don’t Miss this article if you are looking to put together the best muscle building workout for size and strength.

Building muscle fast requires you to have everything in place, you need to eat healthy muscle building foods, plus workout hard and smart.

To workout smart means you need to follow a well thought out workout routine with the right reps and sets,  and includes [click to continue…]

Shapeshifter P6 Body Redesign Program

FREE No Equipment Needed Workout


FREE bodyweight program to transform and redesign your body…

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I’m sure you’ve “lost weight” in the past. But did it give you the lean, toned look you wanted?

If you are like most I am guessing not. It very really happens.

For most and probably for you too, you just end up with a smaller version of the same flabby body.

That’s why I recommend you don’t just lose “weight”. You actually have to transform your body instead. And my friends Ryan and Adam have just the thing…

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The secret to body “redesign” is to lose fat while you simultaneously gain or tone muscle in exactly the right places. With this strategic reshaping process, people will NOTICE how much better you look — in record time!

My good friends Adam & Ryan — aka The Bodyweight Coaches — have figured out how to do this without ANY equipment. And they’ve created a 6 day plan that’ll get you started with your own body redesign.

They’re actually GIVING AWAY their best workout, diet and lifestyle secrets, complete with follow along workout VIDEOS. This is really good stuff. Stupid good. So good, in fact, that I think they’ve totally lost it. I can’t believe it’s free…

FREE body “redesign” plan <— Get access before they change their mind

Enjoy the workouts and your new body.  Be sure to come back and let everyone know how your transformation is going.

Over Training for

More Muscle Growth

Discover how training past your limits can help you gain more muscle fast.

I know you have heard that you have to avoid overtraining, and for the most art that is true.  Training hard all the time in an effort to build muscle fast will work for a short time but you will run into problems down the road.  Some guys even lose all their muscle gains.  I am sur you don’t want that.

This article by Nick Nilsson, the muscle scientist explains how you can get the best of both worlds.  That is how you can train to the edge for maximum muscle growth to add mass fast and do so without burning out.

Training on the Edge

Learn How [click to continue…]

Muscle building Foods For Fast Weight Gain

Muscle Building Foods

3 Strange Foods For Fast Weight Gain

hardgainer muscle building super foods

Discover how to build muscle fast with the right foods!

You have heard it many times over…

nutrition is responsible for 80% of you muscle building success.

If you consider yourself a hardgainer, or are just looking to build muscle fast these foods are sure to to the job… [click to continue…]