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Josh Bezoni Burn Belly Fat

Josh Bezoni is a diet expert and a formerly overweight guy.

Josh is on a mission to help Americans lose 100 tons of belly fat, while discovering the benefits of a healthier body and life.

I’m putting my reputation as a fitness expert and investigative author on the line to expose America’s obesity conspiracy … because I believe that it’s a matter of life and death for all of us and our children.

You see, it really hit Josh hard when his Grandpa Bill had a triple-bypass surgery and his Uncle Dave passed away at age 54. Looking back, that’s when Josh made it his mission to not only begin living a healthy life, but to help others do the same. Josh left his hometown to study biology and nutrition as a pre-med major at the Central University of Iowa (now Central College). After earning a bachelor of science degree, Josh began working to help people transform their bodies and their lives.

Josh and winners on cruise

Let’s face it, besides the major health risks linked to being overweight–like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis–it’s simply no fun to be fat. Nothing makes me happier than to help someone get back into their skinny jeans or turn a few heads. Their world brightens. Their confidence skyrockets. And they begin thriving instead of merely surviving!

It is important to know that you can be next. Josh has perfected an easy-to-follow Belly Fat Free Program after years of hard work and some incredibly successful students … and I know that it works! So I hope you take the time to read the information on this site and that you give the Belly Fat Free System a try.