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Bodybuilder Lee Hayward

lee hayward bodybuilderLee got into bodybuilding, fitness, and working out at the age of 12 after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Conan movie.

“I was just blown away that someone could actually be that big and look like a real life comic book super hero. I was determined that I would someday look like that myself.”

Lee entered his first Bodybuilding contest his senior year of high school. That was in 1995 at the Newfoundland Provincials. Since then Lee has competed almost every year in a bodybuilding competition.

Lee’s website started in 1999 and has help literally thousands of aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world with their training and nutrition programs. And over the past 10+ years www.LeeHayward.com has become one of the most popular bodybuilding and fitness sites online.