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This site contains advertising and some contextual affiliate marketing links.

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I’ve never been paid to write a review. I’m aware that it’s a fairly common practice but something I do not do.

Occasionally I receive free stuff from companies and PR firms hoping I will mention their product. I wish, but, no one is sending me big ticket items like sports cars, vacations or flat screen TVs. Feel free to though, I love to travel and could always use some cool new toys.

Since this is mainly a health and fitness blog, I tend to get things like yogurt, granola and diet books. I generally keep or eat these things. If it’s something I think is of a benefit or interest to  readers, I review it. On the other hand, if it’s something none of you would find useful, I give it to Goodwill and if it is stupid enough I make fun of it.

For the most part I review books, products and programs that I buy with my own money based on my own interests. If I’m talking about something, it’s because I use it myself and like it. Or in some cases like BestBuy which I have a distain for I trash, maybe I should say vent about it.

I will not and do not promote or recommend products I do not feel are of value.  I also encourage everyone to give their opinion and let others know what they think.

Some of the products or service on the website I review offer affiliate commissions and some do not. If a product has an affiliate link available, I use it when I discuss the product. If you decide to buy, I get a portion of the sale.

All before and after pictures on the website are from people who have used the programs. The people are real and so are their results.  They are typical results for that product, if you put the work in. Simply buying a workout manual or another product does not guarantee results. Results are based on how well you follow the plan, and more important, if you put in the effort. If you don’t put forth any effort you will not see any results!

Disclosure the fine print of mens fitnessFinal note:

Health and safety risk. Before you begin any exercise program, and before you follow any of the advice, instruction, or recommendations contained in the materials hosted or produced by MensFitnessAndMore.com, you should consult a physician.  All physical movement involve a degree of risk and injuries are potential.  Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

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