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2013 Arnold Classic BodyBuilding Results

2013 Arnold Classic BodyBuilding Results

Next to the Mr. Olympia title, the Arnold Classic is the most prestigious bodybuilding crown there is.

As 12 of the most muscular bodybuilding competitors in the world stepped on stage. The excitement and tension grew in the packed room. Everyone knew there was going to be a battle in Columbus, Ohio. The world’s best bodybuilders came to claim victory and put on a show. And they didn’t disappoint.

The 25th Arnold Classic Bodybuilding competition was a nail-biter. Veteran bodybuilders wanted to show that they still belonged on stage. Newcomers wanted to prove that they could play with the big dogs. And go head to head with the favorites.

This years Arnold classic had an impressive lineup. With some big names missing like…

Dennis Wolf, Victor Martinez and Branch Warren. And the current Mr. Olympia missing the title was wide open.

2013 Arnold Classic Competitors

  1. Ben Pakulski
  2. Edward Nunn
  3. Cedric McMillan
  4. Hidetada Yamagishi
  5. Dexter Jackson
  6. Marcus Haley
  7. Darrem Charles
  8. Johnnie Jackson
  9. Toney Freeman
  10. Fred Smalls
  11. Michael Kefalianos
  12. Ronny Rockel
  13. Fouad Abiad

2013 Arnold Classic Prejudging 1st Callout

After turing things around in 2012 and putting in some hard work many said this was Jackson’s to lose.

The pre competition favorite, Dexter Jackson, lived up to the hype and came out on top.

He did so in grand fashion. Dexter simply dominated the rest of the field. The judges didn’t even bother to bring him on stage for the last callout and final comparisons. He knew it, and the judges knew it.

Dexter Jackson was back!

He won the event back in 2008 but has struggled since then. For the past 2 years  at the Arnold, Dexter has finished in 5th place. Last year he placed 4th in the Mr. Olympia. But 2013 was to be his year. As he took home $130k, a watch, a hummer, and his 4th Arnold Classic title. This ties him with Flex Wheeler as the most winningest bodybuilder.

At 43 it will be interesting to see what’s in Jackson’s future. With the legendary Charles Glass in your corner, anything’s possible.

Dexter Jackson Photo Shoot & Interview After Winning the 2013 Arnold Classic


2013 Arnold Classic Finishers

  1. Dexter Jackson - $130,000, watch, Hummer
  2. Ben Pakulski - $75,000
  3. Toney Freeman - $50,000
  4. Johnnie Jackson - $30,000
  5. Hidetada Yamagishi - $15,000
  6. Cedric McMillian - $10,000
  7.  Fred Smalls
  8. Edward Nunn
  9. Darrem Charles
  10. Fouad Abiad

Most Entertaining Posing — Fred Smalls $10,000

Most Muscular — Ben Pakulski $10,000

Toney Freeman

Third place finisher Toney Freeman, just didn’t have what it took to topple Ben or Dexter. Even though he help held each pose to perfection.

Maybe it was his age. Toney is 46. But he just didn’t have it. He’s looker better in the past. But at this level you have to make improvements. Staying the same or letting your conditioning slip just won’t cut it when you compete against this caliber of talent.

Ben “The Pak Man” Pakulski

Ben pakulski 2013 Arnold Classic most muscular bodybuilderThe big story of the show was Ben “The Pak Man“ Pakulski.

Everyone was saying that him it was Jackson’s show to lose. Someone had to step up and take it from him.

Ben was ready to do just that.

He put in his work. He spent hours in the gym to widen and thicken his back to match those elephant sized legs of his. Now he was ready to show the judges, and the world the results.

He said…

“The work is done. Time to play!”

And play he did.

His trips on stage were fun and energetic. Sticking out his tongue and hitting poses like he was born to do it. Ben simply put on a great show.

He was able to fire up the crowd with his abundance of energy and massive physique. But unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to take the top spot.

But, Ben did win the most muscular award.

And the peoples chice award as the crowd favorite.

Not bad for a guy who had food poisoning the night before. And only 11 weeks to pepare for the show.

This is a guy to watch out for. I suspect that BPak will dominate bodybuilding shows in the near future.

If he continues to compete, train like hes been doing, and sticks in the game as long as Jackson and Freeman. Expect to see a couple title records fall.

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The Debut

Ben’s debut in the 2012 Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas


Just finished watching the Debut… its awesome… u will get there Ben
-Kennedy Nguyen


Another exciting year at the 2013 Arnold Classic!

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