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Shampoo Decreased Libido Bodyfat

Your Shampoo Your Decreased Libido And Extra Bodyfat Do you Know Link

Check your shampoo for this hormone zapping ingredient…

You’re going to want to take this seriously…

Did you know that nearly every commercial shampoo contains the female hormone estrogen? It’s true!

So what you may ask.

Well guys you may have already started seeing the signs…

  • Decreased libido
  • Less energy and mental focus
  • Unexplained bodyfat, especially in the belly and chest area
  • Lack of “performance” in the bedroom

If any of this sounds the slightest bit familiar I want you to head straight to the shower, right now…

Go to your shower and grab your shampoo. If your not at home do it as soon as you get back. It is important you get rid of these male robbing offenders because these are chemical forms of estrogen that your body has a hard time getting rid of.

Check the label, you are looking for any ingredient that ends with “-paraben”…

  • methylparabens
  • butylparabens
  • etc…

If you see any of those nasty parabens in your shampoo, know this…

they’re destroying your hormones!

Throw it out!

The US Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, has reported that they have found synthetic hormone disrupting chemicals in shampoo. And they are particularly concerned about the hormone-disrupting effects of nonoxynol (nonyl phenol), which you can find in many shampoos, maybe even yours.

Endocrine disruptors are primarily man-made chemical synthetics that interfere with the function of your endocrine system. If you have experienced any of the problems mentioned above you know that these chemicals can work in sinister and subtle ways by disrupting your body’s ability to produce adequate quantities of hormones. A decrease in testosterone levels is the last thing you want. These synthetic chemicals can also interfering with your body’s hormonal pathways,  mimicking, blocking or disrupting the actions of your natural hormones.

Think you’re safe at the low levels in a bottle of shampoo. Not so lucky. In fact these chemicals actually do more damage at low levels of exposure than at high levels. So that minute trace you get from washing your hair everyday is doing more damage than a big exposure.  What can happen sometimes is that minute amounts of several of these environmental hormone chemicals can combine and interact to create effects thousands of times more potent than a single chemical.

But that isn’t the end of it.

There are other toxic estrogenic ingredients to look out for as well and you can find them here:

toxic shampoo ingredients

This is the #1 resource for Men who are looking to naturally increase testosterone while combating the “estrogen assault” that’s literally turning men into women.

Not only will you get your thank you in the bedroom, but you’ll also help decrease the risk of breast cancer in your woman and help prevent ‘hormone’ issues in your children.

Think about this. When you rub products onto your body, 60% of the product may end up in your body. It gets absorbed through the skin and inhaled into your lungs. So go now and check out the testosterone solution HERE!

…and take back the master controls on your mojo!

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  • Robert

    I too am worried about what is in shampoos and soaps. Last November, I decided to stop using either as an experiment; often this is called “going poo-less.”

    After experimenting with this for months, my hair never really adapted to going without shampoo. I already had naturally oily hair, and my body just didn’t slow down production of oil like I had hoped.

    On the otherhand, the soapless thing was pretty solid. Besides my pits, no smell.

  • You don’t have go poo-less, just get some shampoo without the parabens

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