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Old School Pointers For Developing Size And Strength

build muscle old school with chuck Sipes

Building muscle old school style

My buddy Mike just wrote an article about a former IFBB champion. Chances are you never heard of him. But trust me, this guy was a stud. Chuck Sipes who was considered bodybuilding’s “Iron Knight.” Also known as, “The Power Storm”

As the original Power Builder Chuck discovered the secret to combining the brute strength of powerlifting with the lean muscular physique of bodybuilding. Back in the day Chuck was the go to guy and a legend. With guys like Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and the likes the old school guys kind of get forgotten.

Chuck wasn’t always a big guy. In fact he did a full transformation. He went from skinny to muscular. In high school Chuck was underweight. He was so skinny and small that he wasn’t allowed to play on his high schools football team.

He managed to overcome those skinny genes and develop a muscular physique.

Check out the article to see 4 killer tips Chuck used to add size and strength.

Health and Strength Pointers From Chuck Sipes

chuck spies workout

Overtraining might not be as common as  thought.

I am sure you have heard trainers, fitness pros, and your buddies talk about over training. As of late it has become a trendy topic. All most everyone into fitness and getting bigger and stronger is afraid of it, avoiding it at all coasts.
Taking a look at Chuck’s training opened my eyes. Many guys today may not be training as hard as they think. No question they are not training as hard as these old school guys did back in the day. Chuck trained 3x/day as his build up to winning the 1968 Mr. Wold contest.  Now don’t rush out and get another workout in. My buddy Jason wrote an interesting article about taking the opposite approach. But maybe a few extra sets isn’t all that bad.
Chuck may have been a little extreme training 3 times a day, 6 days a week. But he did it successfully.
It did require some serious thought and planning. But that doesn’t negate the volume of training.
This was done without drugs or any other help of type of synthetic steroid… That just wasn’t his style.
So go ahead and train hard. Don’t be afraid of putting in the work.

When you are strong you look strong.

Take a look around the gym next time you go. Notice how many people are doing isolation exercises. A lot of guys get their start training that way. They may have read, seen, or have been told that they should do isolation movements and high reps to target and build specific muscle groups.
There’s a big problem with this though.  The big guys, the successful guys you see doing this, like the pro bodybuilders, are just shaping their muscles. To get on the cover of you favorite magazine the pros have done the basics. They have done the heavy compound movements. They have used heavy weight and done low reps.
Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman said it best…
“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weights!”
Forget about the high reps and isolation exercises. Train for strength using heavy weights and low reps and you’ll get strong.  When you get strong, you’ll look strong which is the muscle bound look you’re going for.
Without giving you all of Chuck’s secrets I will share this one.
One of his favourite mass building exercises for the chest was the dead stop bench.
Chuck could bench 570 at only 220lbs.

Dead Stop Bench

This chest exercise starts with the bar just above your chest. So close that only light can pass under it. From there press it out.
You see many guys do a 1/4 range bench or 1/2 range bench press. This is totally different. Be sure to take it low, pause and explode it back up.
Give it a try and see how your chest grows.

If you eat enough whole foods you don’t need supplements.

This is just a good reminder.  Sure supplements are attractive and can give us a boost but by now I hope that you all know 90% of your nutrition should come from whole foods and after that you can add some supplements for a little something
Bottom line, don’t rely on supplements, rely on food.
Something else Chuck like to do. He was all for training to the max every workout.
Personally, I  don’t do that a whole lot anymore, but you definitely can’t argue with the results that Chuck got.
If these old school methods of lifting get you all jacked up you can check out a few more…
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