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Joel Marion and Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Joel Marion and Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

My buddy Joel is always mixing things up. And this time is no different with the The FAST Fat Loss “Catch 22.”  You may remember him form past articles and amazing programs:

Well he is back and trying to do the imposible with his new weight loss program.

If you don’t remember Joel from past articles, I’m guessing that you have heard abou this new 25-day RAPID fat loss program, The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Over the past few weeks Joel’s brand new weight loss diet has generated a lot a buzz. And no wonder with claims like this…

Discover How You Can Lose Up To 25 Pounds

In 25 Days With The Most Strategic, Fastest Fat

Loss Program EVER Developed—All While Eating

WHATEVER You Want Every Fifth Day

For those who know anything about losing weight know how hypey that sounds.  After all we are talking about creating a huge caloric deficit in an extremely short period of time. Lets take a quick look at the math…

calories in a pound of fat – 3500

That means in order for Joels diet to be a success you have to create a calorie deficit 3,500 calories to lose a pound of fat. Five pounds of fat, a 17,500 calorie deficit.

To make matters worse a drastic reduction in calories causes your body to revolt and fight back. It starts to shut down your metabolism and start holding on to body fat as a way to protect you from starvation.

So Joel’s 25-day RAPID fat loss program, The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is starting to sound like a scam.

The simple fact is this: Until now, extremely fast fat loss was impossible. (keep in mind, we’re talking 25 pounds in 25 days here)

You may know someone who lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, if you have watched the biggest loser you have seen some big numbers come off the scale. But weight loss and fat loss are two critically different things. Want to lose a lot of weight in a short
period of time? You certainly can, and here are the inevitable results:

  1. A lot of water loss
  2. Substantial muscle loss
  3. A bit of fat loss

More important, a metabolism so beaten and battered that the moment you decide to return to any sort of normal eating regimen,
bam, all your fast “weight loss” (and then some) piles back on even faster. If you have followed the Biggest Loser you know of horror stories of the contestants that leave the ranch only to gain all their weight back.

Your Body HATES Crash Diets

If you are looking for long term weight loss, then know that drastic calorie restriction doesn’t get the job done.

That probably leaves you wondering what you need to do because a massive calorie deficit must be present to achieve rapid
fat loss, and long-term minimal calorie intake can NOT work for fat loss. You need to find a way to create the necessary deficit without
having your body fight you every step of the way.

The Solution: Strategic Synergy <——- Click here to read the rest of the article

Joel’s How to lose 25 lbs in 25 days Xtreme Diet Program may not be for you.

This program is absolutely NOT for everyone:

While Joel’s new system is all about how to lose fat fast, it’s not a quick fix, or magic-bullet solution.

What Joel’s program is, is a highly strategic method of some advanced weight loss strategies that include…

  • like cheat days
  • fast days
  • depletion days
  • strategically timed exercise

all in an ideal combination to get the fastest possible fat burning results.

To boost your results even more Joel has included one little-known, but extremely effective method on Day 5 of the program that will actually help you build lean muscle. This increased muscle mass not only helps you look better but aids in the fat burning process.

I say this isn’t for everyone because of how intense of a program it is. For the 25 days you will be on the program your full full dedication and effort is needed to make the program a huge success. If you can’t commit just under 4 weeks to The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet then this isn’t for you.

But for those of you serious about losing weight, is willing to put in the work, and will follow the program exactly as laid out for the 25 quick days, you will be rewarded. In less then a month you can expect to see some pretty amazing results. See the changes other have made, click here.

One of the coolest thins abou the program is that you get to eat whatever you want every fifth day. This is great because you don’t have to feel deprived and you know that in a few days you can treat yourself.

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