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Age And Muscle Growth

Muscle Building and Age

Are You Ever Too Old To Build Muscle


Who else wants to know if you are too old to build muscle?  I am sure that you have heard that the older you get the harder and harder it is to build muscle and add size and strength. You may have even heard others say that it can’t be done.

But is it true…

This is just like the hard-gainer excuse; it’s nonsense. Check this out…

Mark, brother of Paul, a former guitar player for Anthrax, an American heavy metal band from New York City before becoming lead guitarist for Meatloaf, met with his trainer for the first time just after his 40th birthday.  Mark, wanted to get bigger and stronger.  In one year Paul’s bench press went from 155 to 275, and he gained gained over 20lbs of muscle.

Mark was jazzed to say the least.  His enthusiasm led him into bringing a friend of his into the gym.  And a year later he had experienced similar gains. Ronnie Coleman was 41 when he won is last professional bodybuilding competition ant Mr. Olympia.  In fact it isn’t unusual to see guys in their 40’s and 50’s experience tremendous gains in size and strength over the years.  Both men and women even older than that build muscle too.

True, it may not happen as fast and as easily as it does for a 20 year old, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.   Your recovery is what you have to pay attention to.  As you age you don’t recover as fast.  Adjust your volume a bot by lowering it and train smart, you won’t have any trouble building muscle at any age.

If you look at the biggest and strongest guys in the world are all in their mid to late 30’s.  That is because you don’t  hit your strength peak until you’re around 30.  Nothing magical happens when you turn 40, 50, 60,… you won’t do a complete 180 and become frail and week.

Follow the rules to gain muscle, train hard and train smart.

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