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5 Bench Press Mistakes Limiting Chest Strength And Size

Who Else Wants to Know How To Increase Their Bench Press

Who Else Wants To Know How To Bench Press More

Without fail whenever the conversation turns to muscle building and working out people always want to know how much you can bench. I was in the store the other day picking up some bison and veggies to BBQ some burgers. The clerk was kind of thin, the earthy tree hugger type, not someone who looks like they workout regularly, or for that matter, has ever worked out. Anyway, he says you look like somebody who works out, without skipping a beat or giving me time to answer he asks the million dollar question…

how much can you bench.

Don’t make These 5 Common Bench Press Mistakes Discover How To Bench Press More 

At one time the shoulder press used to be the measure of strength. But over the past few decades the bench presses become more popular and with that popularity, it has become the main indicator of upper body strength.

If you’ve ever wondered how your bench press ranks benchpress coach Mike Westerdal has put together a chart
that rates the flat Barbell Bench Press for different weight classes. the chart below is for guys lifting without gear or steroids. Find out if your a weakling or your Hercules

 Barbel BenchPress Max Effort  Rating Chart

How did you rank?

If you don’t know your max here is a good way to go about it. This method is so effective I bet you can get an extra 10lbs out of your bench max.

I don’t recommend you max out too often, maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

Here’s how to determine your one rep max in the bench press or any other big compound movement

Of coures make sure you are well warmend up. Do a set with the empty bar to visualize yourself having a great PR and rehearse your technique.

For your first warm up set start with a weight that you know is light enough to perform eight to ten repetitions of the exercise easily.
I like to start with 135 lbs.

Rest two minutes.

  • Increase the weight approximately 20%-30%.
  • do four or five reps
  • Maybe move up to 175 lbs

Rest three minutes.

  • Increase the weight again by about 20%-30%
  • do two to three reps
  • I would do  225 lbs

Rest three to four minutes.

  • Increase the weight again by about 20%.
  • Now you are down to singles
  • 275 will be my next set

Rest for four to five minutes.

  • Add 10-15%.
  • Another single
  • Will be at 295 now

This might be really close to your max.  But rest another 4-5 minutes.

  • Add 5-10%
  • set a new PR
  • Be conservative hear because, don’t jump too much if you are close to your max
  • If you jumped too much you may miss, and this will make your 2nd lift too hard
  • Great time to shoot for 315

You can keep repeating this last step until you are happy with the PR or until you miss your lift.

If you want a 2nd go at a missed lift you may want to cut the load a bit.

Shoot for moderate personal records each time. Going for a big jump is difficult, plus a smaller record will make you feel good knowing you are making progress.

If you’re not happy with your bench press ranking check to see if you’re making any of the following 5 mistakes. If you are that could be one reason why your bench isn’t where you want.

5 Most Common Benchpress Mistakes

These aren’t all the  bench pressIs, mistakes people make in the gym, but they are 5 of the most common errors you’ll see. Chances are you’re making one yourself.

Bench Press Mistake 1: Self Doubt

 Too many guys are afraid to lift heavy. You can’t be one of them, so you need to get your head on straight. Get rid of all self doubt and negativity.

Before you lift, you have to start on a positive note. Eliminate  try or hope from your vocabulary. Watch the video and listen to Yoda’s advice.

 If you’re not confident, fake it. You have to picture yourself as a great bencher before you can become one.

Bench Press Mistake 2: Rep Ranges
High reps are for bodybuilders, not powerlifters. A high volume workout isn’t going to get you stronger in the bench press. Instead work on triples to build power! If you’ve never lifted heavy, in the doubles and triples, then start with fives and work your way down over a few weeks.

Bench Press Mistake Mistake 3: Lack of Goals
I am sure we have all heard this before…

Would you head out on a cross country trip without a road map?

Even though we have heard it do we follow this advice? Make some goals…

  • make them tough, but realistic,
  • measurable and specific
  • and with a timeline

To really make them effective mak yourself accountable, tell people what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. Then remind yourself of your goals daily.

18 of the best bench-explosion workout programsBench Press Mistake Mistake 4: Pre-fatiguing Your Muscles
Don’t work yourself to death by doing shoulders or triceps before a bench workout because you’re exhausting the primary
movers. You’re going to need these muscles fresh to bench big. Don’t do cardio before a heavy bench workout either. And don’t do too many warmup sets. Save your energy for the max effort or heavy sets!

Bench Press Mistake 5: Overtraining
Let your central nervous system and your muscles recover. Given the chance to rest, grow, rejuvenate before hitting the bench again.  all you need is one day a week of heavy benching. If you want to add a 2nd day make it fast, dynamic and explosive.
for speed or explosive training.

If you are looking for a program to guide you through Bench Coach Mike Westerdal has complied 18 of the best bench workouts in one package. For a limited time he is giving it away for just $7. You can’t beat that. But hurry as I don’t know how long his sale will last.

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