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MMA Diet Fighter Diet

MMA DietMMA Diet

New Trend in UFC Fighter Diet

When you think tough guy, a MMA diet or a fighter diet I bet the first thing that comes to mind is meat, and lots of it.

UFC fighter said of his old diet, “I would eat three meals a day with meat, and meat was the main part of every meal. I’d eat two steaks for dinner almost every night.”

How things have changed.  As Jon Fitch prepares for his next fight he has dropped meat from his diet all together. This from a guy who is considered by most the number 2 or 3 welterweight in the world. And a guy who grew up on meat and potatoes.

But now all that has changed…

Training for his fights now he has adopted a new fighter diet along with a few other UFC guys.  The new MMA diet has gone vegetarian.  They haven’t done vegan, as fish, eggs, and whey protein are still part of their competition and training diet.

Among those who have adopted this new vegetarian diet plan are:

  • Jake Shields
  • Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz
  • Ultimate Fighter winner Nate Diaz
  • UFC Champ Mac Danzig.

This is new for many of these fighters, but not all. Shields, maybe the leader in the new fighter diet plan says…

“I’ve been this way all my life,”

Growing up his parents had always been vegetarians so it was a natural way of eating for Shields. Though he did face the odd coach pushing him to eat meat. But being a successful athlete, they soon left him alone.

Diaz, now 27, hasn’t always been a vegetarian. His vegetarian diet plan was adopted as a teenager. Sheilds attributes his great conditioning in part to his vegetarian MMA diet saying…

nobody can train as hard or as long as me and Nick Diaz, so that seems to indicate something.

With a vegetarian fighter diet there are a few thngs you have to think about

  • eating fresh foods without preservatives requires more trips to the grocery store
  • eating more fruits and vegetables and replacing high fat foods requires you to eat more frequently
  • eating on the road is often more difficult

Jon Fitch Personal UFC Fighter Diet

    Fitch is a vegetarian convert as well. Seeing some of success of Shields lead the transformation decision to go with a vegetarian fighter diet all that easier, and he couldn’t be happier with his choice. Prior to a big fight he cut back on meat and increased vegetables.  In just two weeks Fitch was feeling a noticeable improvement in training.

    In every kind of testing to see where I’m at, strength, speed, conditioning, I’m either right at or well ahead of the best marks I’ve ever had at this stage of training,” Fitch said. “A few weeks ago, we were concerned I was peaking too fast. I’d kick the sh!t out of myself at the same stage of training for any of my previous fights.

    Fitch has found the best aspect of his new MMA diet is the recovery time.   He has credit this change to his best training camp of his MMA career, saying he had never felt flat on training day.

    For these guys it can be difficult to maintain muscle size and strength that is why they sometimes turn to a Vegetarian Bodybuilding meal plan.

    This MMA diet is not for everyone but for those who have adopted it, it has proven successful.  With the results these guys have had will we see every guy in the UFC switch to a vegetarian fighter diet.

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