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Mike The Situation Workout

mike the situation workout routine

Mike The Situation Workout

Can it Give you the

Fitness Model Look

Mike The Situation Workout Routine, is it for real?

I was doing some surfing of my own the other day when I came across the Situation Workout. At first I thought it was a promotion piece for the Jersey Shore, but it was the real deal.  I was a muscle building ab solution workout DVD he has put out.

For those of you who don’t know who The Situation or Michael Sorrentino, I’m not sure I want to spoil your innocence by telling you who he is….

but, if curiosity has gotten the best of you I will fill you in on the Situation and Michael Sorrentino.

Michael Sorrentino…

came to fame from his appearance in the reality TV show Jersey Shore on MTV. Before that, he was an underwear model and worked in a fitness center. I believe he did some personal training and was some kind of manager.

Being an underwear model I am sure you have guessed that he has a good body, flat stomach and six pack abs. Well, he is in pretty good shape. In fact he is in such good shape that he named is ripped abs…

The Situation.

Sounds crazy but it is true.

I know this guy has some great abs, a flat stomach, and a six pack…but does he have any business selling fitness routines!

Take a look at the promo for his workout routine. At first I thought it it was a joke but I found it for sale on Amazon. I took a look at few of the customer reviews and one rates it as “not a joke.” Another person had said the workout routine is like an extremely simplified version of p90x with about 1/10 of the material and instruction. They went on to say that it makes for a good casual workout DVD recommend for someone who isn’t crazy about fitness but wants to improve their body a bit.

Take a look at the clips below and see for yourself.

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Below are a couple of videos of The Situation. I find it hard to take this guy serious. I have a rule I like to follow: Don’t take advice from famous people who got that way for doing stupid things.Take Paris Hilton for example. The Situation is famous for showing off his abs on TV and being in a reality show. He may have great abs but that doesn’t automatically qualify someone as an “expert”.

Getting Abs The Situation Tells All

I through this video in there to give you a little more of the Situation. I don’t agree with much this guy says, but I will admit he does have one good tip in there.  Eat right and don’t drink your calories. But, he only suggests this when you are trying to reach a goal. He says you can get back to the bad stuff on your maintenance phase. This I disagree with, why go back to bad habits and junk calories.

The Situation Workout

Jersey Shore Star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino DVD trailer

Mike The Situation Workout DVD ← Find Out More

When I first saw this video, I thought it was some kind of promotional piece for his reality TV show, the Jersey shore. But apparently this is the real deal. The Situation really has put out a workout routine DVD. Take a look at this clip and let me know what you think. Just leave me a comment below. If you are truly looking to get the fitness model look or have that Hollywood lean muscular body with a flat stomach and great abs, I have a few free reports that will get you much closer to your goals than anything the situation suggests. Get your FREE Report The Shrink Wrap Effect and discover how to get the fitness model look.

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  • Good for him for striking while the iron is hot. But really, come on. Are his abs really that great? I hope he makes millions but the clowns that buy that crap probably won’t do a damn thing except watch Jersey Shore.


  • I don’t think they are all that great. He use to do some modeling so they must have been better. Maybe living the life as a TV star has made him a little soft.

    I bet he will make some money. I have seen worse stuff make lots of money, think shake weight.

    Thanks David

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