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5 GOOD Reasons to Lose Weight NOW!

need to lose weightIf your scale reads a little heavier than you would like it to, you’ve probably heard every reason under the sun about WHY you should lose weight. From ‘you’ll look better’ to ‘being skinny will make it easier to find a husband,’ and every excuse in between, but has that helped you shed the weight any easier? Probably not.

Let’s get serious and talk about the real nuts and bolts of weight loss. When you understand what’s at risk beyond being overweight and possibly single, your weight loss efforts take on more importance. Keep reading for real, honest reasons to hop on the weight loss train!

Reason #1 – Your Life Depends On It
Ok so getting melodramatic about it probably isn’t the answer to successful weight loss, but your body mass index (BMI) is a good indicator of just how dangerous your weight can be. There are plenty of good reasons to lose weight, but none better than the fact that dropping as little as 10 pounds can reduce your risk for contracting obesity related illnesses. A healthy diet that contains low fat foods, lean proteins, and regular exercise will reduce your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, strokes, gout, and diabetes just to name a few.

Start losing weight now by creating a calorie deficit in your diet and introducing cardio as well as strength training exercises to your daily routine.

Reason #2 – Sex
Sex is pretty much why humans do 95% of what we do, and losing weight is no exception. Sure, there are the surface reasons to shed a few pounds, it’ll increase opportunities to have sex and improve the caliber of sexual partners, but there is one sexual reason that trumps all others. Losing weight will simply improve your overall sexual experiences. Overweight or obese individuals experience more sexual dysfunction and performance problems than those whose weight falls into the normal/average category.

Losing weight will help improve your sexual satisfaction, not to mention it will increase your desire to have sex. Furthermore, losing weight the right way will enhance your desire for sex because you will no longer suffer from obesity related illnesses like those mentioned above. Those illnesses or the treatments for them often impact the drive and sexual performance of overweight and obese people around the world.

Reason #3 – Food is AWESOME
One of comments that I hear most often from friends and fans of The Fat Loss Authority is a renewed love of food since learning how to lose weight properly. Food may seem like a counterproductive reason to lose weight until you really think about the foods that caused your weight gain. Chances are you weren’t piling your plate high with steamed vegetables or baked halibut to put on that weight.

Successful weight loss will require you to reduce or eliminate many food products that are processed, pre-packaged, deep-fried, and chock full of salt. But the good news here is that this opens up a whole new world of high quality food products that taste good, are good for you and most importantly come served with proper portion sizes! Most foods that are responsible for weight gain have another thing in common; they kill your taste buds so lightly flavored foods like spinach and other vegetables seem bland and gross.

Get rid of that fatty, salty, sugary, carb-laden junk and learn how to love real food while you lose weight.

Reason #4 – Money
That’s right, money is as good a reason to lose weight as is your health. Losing weight means that you can stop spending an obscene amount of dough on groceries, since you now have perfect portion control during every meal! When you start cutting out junk food and costly processed foods and start buying fresh food you’ll see a noticeable difference in your grocery bill each week, and that’s enough to make even the richest of us smile.

Another way losing weight will save you money? Everyone knows that “big & tall” or “plus size” clothes cost just about an arm and a leg, and no longer needing all that additional fabric will be a welcome relief to your bank account. A side bonus to losing weight and saving money is that you’ll no longer be relegated to wearing brightly colored patterns that look more like a tablecloth than a shirt for a grown man or woman!

Reason #5 – Comfort
As human beings comfort is often foremost on our minds, whether it’s sitting in morning traffic or relaxing at home in front of the televisions, being comfortable is like a biological imperative for us. The only time we seem to tolerate being uncomfortable is when we are overweight. No one likes to talk about this but it is truly an important reason to lose weight.

Clothes made for our overweight brethren are often uncomfortable, airplane and movie theater seats aren’t made for anyone bigger than a quarterback, and when the temperature goes up outside…forget about it. Your comfort level is enough of a reason to lose weight because carrying around an extra 10, 20, or 50 pounds is uncomfortable not to mention unimaginable. Losing weight will literally decrease the load you carry around with you, and comfortable humans are happy humans, and happy humans don’t drown their sorrows in 750 calories worth of rocky road ice cream!

These are just 5 good reasons to lose weight and I’m sure each of you has your own reasons. Whatever those reasons are, you can learn HOW to lose weight effectively at The Fat Loss Authority.

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