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How to Work Out to  Build the Most Masculine and  Attractive Body Possible

How to Work Out to Build the Most Masculine and Attractive Body Possible

Do you have a goal?

Does your workout have some purpose or are you just hanging around and

doing whatever you feel like doing today?

  • If you are an athlete or want to just improve your endurance then train for performance.
  • If you are just a regular guy wants to look good then train for looks.

Most of the guys want to look good and it always surprises me, how few of them are willing to admit this and actually design their workouts around this goal.

If your goal is to have a masculine and attractive body, the purpose of your workout needs to be to help you build a masculine and attractive body.

Simple, right? Well, 90% guys who go to the gym still miss this.

In order to achieve your goal, you need to know how does a masculine body look like. If you look at all those fitness models, swimmers and all the guys who look really good, you will notice they have few similarities. They all tend to have a V-shape body and decent chest development.

If you ask girls which muscles do they find most attractive usually you will get answers like wide shoulders, masculine chest and big back muscles. I admit that lot of women will tell you that they love men’s butt, but that is not what we are talking about right now, if you want bigger butt, then just make sure you have good mornings and squats in your routine.

So, what is the conclusion from all this? Well, apart from the fact that you need to squat and buy jeans that fit, so girls with be hypnotized at your buttocks, you need to focus on certain muscles more than others. These muscles are not your biceps or triceps. Like you have discovered above these are your shoulders, back and chest (And in this order).

Let’s break it down.

1. Shoulders (along with your traps) make you look dominant and masculine. Once you build bigger shoulders you will suddenly fit into your shirts and look completely different, in a good way.
2. Back muscles are what hold your posture; back is what brings up your chest and stabilities you when you are walking. So, we could even go as far as to say that good back muscle development contributes to your body language.
3. Chest is important, but not the most important thing, which is why I think you should focus more on your shoulders and back. When you build big chest with back and shoulder muscles you will look amazing. However, when you build big chest, but without having an exceptional shoulders and back, you will look like every other guy who goes from time to time to thy gym to lift some weights.

You should aim for symmetry and train all of your muscles. Just because certain muscles should be trained more and more often, it doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect the others. Definitely not, you still need symmetry.

Let me put it this way: Symmetry is the goal, but with dominant shoulders and back muscles and well developed chest.

You need to understand that symmetry doesn’t mean that all of your muscles need to be equally big and equally trained. They shouldn’t and even can’t, because your chest is naturally much bigger than your biceps. And once you understand this you can focus more on certain muscles in your workouts.

You Can Order Your Muscles by Importance

What might help you with this is actually ordering the muscles by their importance for the most attractive physique. I like to call this order the Muscle Pyramid.

Here is the ordered list:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Back
  3. Chest
  4. Triceps
  5. Biceps
  6. ABS
  7. Thighs
  8. Calves
  9. Forearms

Your shoulders, back and chest is of course at the top and you already know why. Then you follow with your arms and abdominals. The reason why your abs are so low is not that they would not be
attractive, but it’s because you already have great looking abs, you just need to lose the fat that is
on them. If you want a six-pack abs you need to lose fat. Training them more can only increase the
density, not make them visible.

After that you follow with your legs and forearms. Your legs and don’t need as much attention as
your shoulders or back, so there is no reason to put them higher. And your forearms are trained in
almost EVERY exercise you do, so training them directly might have an effect only if you have more
than 5 years of experience. If you are wondering why certain guys have bigger forearms, here are
three reasons:

1. They just train for more than 5 years
2. They are in their 40s and are used to work with their hands or lift weights
3. They have genetically big forearms

Anyway, there is one more muscle group worth noting. It’s your trapezius muscle. The reason why
this guy is not on the list is that it gets train with all other muscles. If you train your shoulders, you
will also train your upper traps, if you train your back, you will train your lower traps as well.

How to structure your workout

Once you know which muscle groups you should focus more, the next step is to actually structure
your training around it.

Here is an example of such a 5-day workout plan:

Monday: Shoulders/Back/Biceps
Tuesday: Shoulders/Chest/Legs/ABS
Wednesday: Shoulders/Back/Triceps
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Shoulders/Chest/Legs/ABS
Saturday: Shoulders/Back/Triceps/Biceps/ABS
Sunday: Rest

And here is an actually structure of one of the workouts you might design or get:

o Military Press
o Front Plate Raise

o Pull-ups
o Barbell Row

o Barbell Curls
o Hammer Curls

It depends on your experience level, but you can try doing 4 sets x 8 reps with 90 sex rest per

What You Have Learnt Today

1. You need to have a goal
2. Your goal needs to be specific, it’s either conditioning or physical look, if you set both of
them, you will get results, but you will never excel in either of those
3. You can order muscles by their importance of how they affect your physical attractiveness
4. The most attractive muscles are shoulders, back and chest
5. You should aim for symmetry, but focus on certain muscles more

vaclav gregor

About the author:

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By Vaclav Gregor, Muscle Pyramid
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