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Tough Guy Contest

Muddy Buddy Tough Guy Race

How Much of a Tough Guy Are You

Tough Guy Race

I have enough time getting out of bed on a chilly morning. Can you imagine running 10 miles through water, mud, high voltage lines and a slew of other obstacles.To start your day.

Well on a chilly February morning more than 5000 people from around the world took part in “tough guy”, also referred to as the world’s hardest endurance test. A scaled down version has become popular in the us as the Tough Mudder or the Muddy Buddy race.

On a small piece of farmland competitors battled rain, ice, fire, and mud in a grueling obstacle course. In Perton, Staffordshire, the temperatures are low but the spirits and competition was high and fierce in the original Tough Mudder.

This UK contest, had male and female competitors, dressed in costumes such as Superman, Robocop and other superhero characters, or just plain weird.

The picture here gives just a glimpse of how treacherous conditions were as competitors race underneath a barb wire fence, through ice and freezing water, and wearing next to nothing.

This tough man insurance obstacle course was 8 miles long. Others can be 12 miles but races like the Muddy Buddy can be as short as 3 miles. Today this grueling course contained…

  • underwater tunnels
  • barbed wire fences
  • walks through fire

And this isn’t unusual. Race officials go further to make the adventure race even more challenging. Competitors had to go over nets, walls, and even electric fence.  Every year organizers try something new, this year the new item was a zip line trailing downwards over 1000 m. To make a zip line even more challenging, was a jump into the lake, and is missed there was a wall waiting for you just pass that.

Tough Guy Race

As you can expect a tough guy race like this takes its toll. The day saw plenty of injuries including broken bones and bruised bodies. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few cases of hypothermia in the pile of wounded racers. Those who have fallen victim to the course apologize, and beg to be allowed back into next year.

The tough mudder and muddy buddy draw in lots of eager competitors. On this chilly February morning  competitors traveled around the world to compete. People from Australia New Zealand China Japan the UK showed up, and include both men and women. Believe it or not, event organizers said there were too many people and they had to turn at least 1000 people away.Tough Guy Race

Among the competitors were police officers and military personnel. The military members,  comment is that this course was harder than the Army. The organizer reported that an Afghanistan captain in the British Army recognize the tough man contest is the most arduous test of physical and mental endurance. That captain when not to say that he would like to send a lot of his troops to the contest before they were sent to Afghanistan.

For many this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically and mentally. Every part of your body hurts, but there’s such a sense of achievement and gratification in the event is completed.

This looks cool and interesting, something I’d like to see, but I’m not quite sure if it’s something I like to partake in.

Preparing for the Tough Mudder

tough mudder training

The Tough Mudder Training Workout

A race like this isn’t easy to prepare for. The obstacles change and you can never predict the climate. But what you can do is make sure you are strong enough, fast enough, and in in good enough shape to tackle the race.

Training for the tough mudder will require you to be able to run 12 miles. This isn’t going to be at Olympic pace but you will be doning after various obstacles. For this you will need to do some road work. 1 mile and 1 kilometer intervals will be perfect. Work your way up to doing 12 total intervals.

And of course you will need some strength training. You best bet is to stick with bodyweight training. But getting in the gym and working on some absolute strength will help too. Make sure you do your bodyweight workout in a circuit style.

Spread these workouts throughout the week making sure you take a least one day off per week. Two days is better, but make sure you still move. A nice walk is perfect.

For a full program check out Adventure Training Workout

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