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Think Cardio is Key to Fat Loss – Maybe Not

what is the key to fat lossTurbulence Training Fat Burning QandA

Q: First, can you tell us the basics about Turbulence Training?

Turbulence Training is the result of years of study in the gym and in the research labs and library. From personal experience, I’ve found there is only one way to get the most fat loss and workout results in the least amount of time

you must increase your training intensity.

With the right workout, you can get more fat loss results in less workout time. Period.

That is the one and only goal of most Turbulence training programs.

A better body in fewer workout sessions, and shorter exercise bouts.

That means for you:

  • Shorter interval workouts
    • no more long slow cardio workouts
  • More challenging strength training exercises
    • such as advanced bodyweight exercises
    • traditional strength training free weight exercises

If you have two hours to spend in the gym everyday, feel free to stick to the same relatively ineffective and inefficient program of long cardio and light weights.

But if you are like most busy guys, have 45 minutes or less on only three days of the week to workout, then Turbulence Training will work wonders for you.

Try it for your self, click the link below for free workout

Click here —>>> Free Fat Loss Workout Program

Guys be honest, you and almost everyone everyone else in traditional fitness centers could benefit from increasing the challenge in their workout. Who couldn’t also benefit from getting in and out of the gym quicker.

So that’s what led me to Turbulence Training. It’s simple, no B.S., no-fluff, just-the-basics, results-oriented training. You don’t need fancy gym machines or even an expensive gym membership. If you have a bench, a ball and some dumbbells at home, you are set.

Q: Okay so we’re clear it’s an e-book training program package that will melt bodyfat fast, what makes it so effective?

A: Most people are so darn hung-up on burning a specific number of calories on a cardio machine, that they don’t care how long they spend in the gym.

But big deal. If you burn X calories over 30 minutes in the gym doing cardio…

but don’t boost your post-exercise metabolism…

you’re wasting the other 23.5 hours to burn a lot more calories.

And that’s what happens with slow, steady workouts that never cange. Sure you burn a few calories in the gym, but there is no “turbulence” on the body to increase your metabolism outside of the gym.

Instead, by using challenging strength training, and choosing intervals over monotonous cardio, research has shown that your post workout metabolism is significantly greater. And an increased metabolism for an entire 24 hour period is what gives people results.

It’s like putting money in the bank. It makes you more money even while you sit at home or sleep! That’s the power of a more challenging workout.

And Turbulence Training workouts, and other “challenging” workouts are always exponentially more enjoyable than staring at a TV (or worse a wall) when “doing your time” on a cardio machine. You can get this great “metabolic turbulence” in a boot camp, with bodyweight, at home with dumbbells, or even in a busy gym.

Nothing is more effective than Turbulence Training if you only have 45 minutes, three times per week to workout.

Q: In my opinion, resistance training, both with free weights and bodyweight is the key to losing bodyfat, for those still unsure about this could you give me your opinion on my this statement?

Strength training is just one key for fat loss…

  • is essential to maximize your metabolism
  • is absolutely positively paramount to building the best body of your dreams

For those that doubt, start with bodyweight training. Not only is this method of strength training effective at helping you sculpt your body, but it is also empowering to your self-confidence and 100% applicable to your daily living.

Everything from carrying groceries to “seks” will be easier if you are stronger in the bodyweight exercises. Your mobility and stamina will increase, so that you will be able to carry your children to bed easier, you will be able to do yardwork with less fatigue, and you’ll literally improve your “zest for life” simply from mastering your bodyweight strength.

All of these benefits without touching a single free weight…

but if you do go with free weights, you’ll take your fitness to an even greater level.

Research from the 2001 meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine showed that female subjects boosted their post-exercise metabolism to a greater level when they did 8 reps per exercise, rather than 12 reps.

Q: I’m always telling people that aerobic exercise is useless for fat loss, do you agree with this? And why?


Aerobic exercise is certainly inefficient for fat loss.

The benefits are pale in comparison to the fat loss you can achieve in less time with interval training. Most people would be able to cut their workout time in half simply by using intervals rather than aerobic exercise.

So next time you go to the gym, do this admittedly un-scientific test…

Take a visual survey of the “cardio” area and the strength training area.

Where are the best bodies?

In the strength training area, no doubt.

And in fact, we can also find a lot of beautiful bodies in the Yoga and Pilates area. Why? There’s certainly no “fat burning” cardio zone going on there. So what gives?


Nutrition is the #1 factor in fat loss.

It trumps any fat loss program, no matter how good it is. Yes, even my beloved Turbulence Training will not be 100% effective if someone continues to eat chips and pints as their meals.

There are far more efficient ways to change your body.

  • Eat for fat loss…
  • do some form of strength training to sculpt your body.

When you take care of your nutrition and eat accordingly, your body will be like modeling clay in your hands…

and the exercises you choose to do will  sculpt it.

If someone continues on with aerobic exercise, the improvements will be negligible.

So that’s why you don’t see cardio in my structured program.

If someone wants to do a family bike ride or play a game of football on the weekend, by all means go ahead. But it is far too inefficient to get put in my main workouts.

Craig’s Bodyweight Turbulence Training program lets you use your body as the most comprehensive home gym available. In turn the results are like nothing else out there. What really impressed me was his inclusion of a self assessment that lets you monitor your own progress so that you keep getting stronger and leaner without any wasted time. If going to the gym ever feels stale, I immediately switch to Craig’s Bodyweight TT program to get and stay in shape.
Anthony Belza, Strength Coach, Toronto

Turbulence Training best abs exercisesA little info about my buddy Craig Ballantyne. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. Fora free Turbulence Training workout that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, while building muscle, visit —>>> www.mensfitnessandmore.com/free-tt-program/

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