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The 300 Workout

300 work out routine

300 Workout Routine

If you remember the movie 300. You remember how muscular and ripped the Spartan Warriors were. I know the movie is a little old  now. Maybe old enough to be considered a classic.

Anyway. I thought I would add a post about one of their workout routine. After all. It’s still one of the best celebrity workout routines.

Maybe that’s why the 300 movie workout was talk of the fitness world. Even though it had little to do with the actors getting their chiseled Greek Statue like bodies. For those who have used it as a regular routine it has helped them burn muscle and burn fat. Perfect for guys looking to get that lean muscular look.

Between CrossFit and the movie. The 300 workout has become legendary. It has been featured in Men’s Health. Even on ESPN.

Everyone’s been looking for it and trying it out. But few people know. The now famous workout was only a test. It wasn’t something to be done everyday. Or even something to do every week.

So what my buddy Craig Ballantyne and Men’s Fitness contributor did was put together a workout for regular use. A mini-version of the workout. Something for the average guy and gal to do all the time.

Below is the original 300 Workout. Followed by a min workout and a few ideas for variations. Be sure to give them a try and let me know what you think. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Original 300 Workout

  1. Pullups – 25 reps
  2. Deadlifts with 135lbs – 50 reps
  3. Pushups – 50 reps
  4. 24-inch Box jumps – 50 reps
  5. Floor wipers – 50 reps
  6. 1-arm Clean & Press with 36lbs Kettlebell – 50 reps
  7. Pullups – 25 reps

Workout Guidelines…

  • exercises are to be done in order
  • don’t move to the next exercise until all reps of current exercise are complete
  • no scheduled rest breaks in between exercises
  • go the workout as quick as you can

The idea is to get through the workout as quickly as possible. But, you are to maintain good form on each exercise.

It’s quite easy to change this work. This allows people of different fitness levels and abilities to give it a try. It also allows you to progress as you get in better shape.

  • the number of reps can decrease to 100, 150, or 200

Here is an example to  200 rep workout.  This is a great full body workout for a guy that considers  himself in to have a moderate fitness level.

  1. 5 Chinups
  2. 20 prisoner squats
  3. 20 pushups
  4. 100 Jumping Jacks
  5. 30 Bicycle Crunches
  6. 10 decline pushups
  7. 15 bodyweight inverted rows

Another option, will be to add 100 reps of jump roping. It’s a great way to finish and brings you to the 300 rep total.

If you like you cab substitute a few of the exercises with one of these 25 bodyweight exercises that works the same muscle groups.

Tough, but fair. So you can do your own version of the 300 workout and build your own Greek God body. Working with a trainer you will be able to come up with other exercise options. Remember to always train smart, train safe.

This isn’t a workout you would do every day. It’s something you would throw into the mix every other month or so just to add a little extra challenge.

For your regular fat burning workouts, stick to the Turbulence Training workouts. You’ll boost your metabolism, burn fat, and maximize your fitness so that you’ll be ready for your very own 300 test day.

About the Author  — >>Craig Ballantyne

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