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Ronnie Coleman Arm Routine Training Biceps Workout

Ronnie Coleman Arm Routine Training Biceps Workout post image

Arm Training – Working Biceps

Ronnie Coleman Routine

Possibility one of the largest and most successful bodybuilders is Ronnie Coleman. The former Mr. O gives us a glimpse of one of his old arm workout programs for building big biceps. To fill out the arm make sure you take a look at the triceps exercises article.

This bicep training routine was helped the former Mr. O get the 22 inch arms he had at the time of this program. I should mention that was in competition.

Coleman does high reps in this biceps routine. He says the reason for this is because of the size of his arms. The high reps he says, boost density and hardness in the biceps. Not sure how accurate that is but how can I saw otherwise when he out weights me by 100lbs.

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Ronnie’s All Purpose Biceps Routine

  • One arm cable curls – 4 x 15
  • Bar cable curls – 4 x 15
  • Cable crossover curls – 4 x 15

For the beginner bodybuilder Coleman recommends a different rep scheme.

Beginner Bodybuilder’s Biceps Routine

  • One arm cable curls – 2 x 15, 2 x 10
  • Bar cable curls – 2 x 15, 2 x 10
  • Cable crossover curls – 2 x 15, 2 x 10

As you can see there is not much difference, but by the end of the workout you are looking at 30 less reps.

Ronnie’ s Biceps Bodybuilding Laws

Biceps a Ronnie Coleman

1. Every routine starts with one arm cable curls.

Coleman does these two different ways. He either alternates arms, or he has a straight set with one arm and moved to the next.

The goal of this movement is to place large amounts of stress on the peaks of your biceps.

Here’s how he does it:

  1. start of each rep with arm fully extended, while still loaded with all the weight
  2. keeping your body still slowly squeeze your bicep curling the weight up
  3. at the top hole to wait for a second squeezing the bicep as hard as you can
  4. slowly return to the starting position

Coleman likes to train to failure. He selects a weight that allows 15 reps but if he has more in the tank he’ll squeeze more out.

2. bar cable curls follow

My second exercise is bar cable curls.  For Ronnie this movement adds bulk within the entire biceps muscle. He prefers this over a barbell curl.

Completing cable curls is very similar to the previous exercise.

  1. in sure constant tension is maintained throughout the entire set
  2. with every rep squeeze at the top for a second
  3. on occasion finished with forced reps
  4. for variety substitute the rope for the bar

3. Biceps finisher

To end the biceps routine Ronnie does cable crossover curls. These have a dual function of adding bulk and peak.

Doing this exercise is like hitting a double biceps pose with weight. Seems like the perfect exercise for a bodybuilder.

How to do it

  1. start with a cable in each hand
  2. have your arms straight, fully extended, and parallel to the ground
  3. from there hit a double bicep pose

Ronnie’s final thoughts

This biceps training routine can be followed by anyone. There is a slight modification for beginners. As noted above they will decrease the reps and add some weight.

Without letting you ego carry you away, go as heavy as your strength allows for the strict execution of each movement. ‘Strict’ means no cheating of the exercises by calling secondary muscle groups into play. Your goal is to build the best biceps your genetics will allow, so isolate the biceps and don;t let other muscle groups assist in moving the workload.

The most common biceps training mistake is overtraining. Most guys and bodybuilders train this beach muscle too using too many sets and reps. Working the biceps twice a week with 12 sets per session is enough for anybody. You can’t rush progress.

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  • It’s interesting to see that Ronnie is into higher rep schemes. Sometimes though, for people struggling to add size to their biceps, I prescribe lower reps, and higher weight.

    Also, varying rep speed can have a tremendous effect on the biceps, because it can help you target the brachiallis.

    Good post!

  • It is odd that he would do 15’s but people often say that the smaller muscles can take more, so I guess that is the school of thought he comes from.

    Thanks for the comment

  • Interesting how super-humans train and us mere mortals don’t. Acutally its not lot of difference but more in the execution perhaps and everything Ronnie touches likes like total concentration and intensity.
    I am guilty of cheating too much when I curl .. I know I should pull back on the weight but I just can’t help myself.
    Thanks for the post tomorrow when I hit the gym maybe I will try for better form

  • Thanks for the comment.

    Ronnie is a monster. No question about that.

    I cheat on curls too, I think everyone does. I keep all the big movements strict but allow myself a little cheating on the accessory exercises.

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