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Quick 12 Minute Fat Loss Workout

free turbulence training fat loss muscle building workout

Turbulence Training Fat Loss Workouts

Today I want to share with you a quick fat loss workout. If you’re looking to burn fat and maintain your muscle mass and shape but don’t have a lot of time, this quick 12 minute workout will do the trick. When time and equipment is a problem this workout is the perfect option.

This is just one workout, not something you would do every day. If you’re looking for a complete program there is a link to a free month-long workout regime a little further down the page. Feel free to grab that, and see how today’s workout fits into the grand scheme of things.

My friend Craig  Ballantyne, the author of the turbulence training program put together this great video for you to see exactly what’s going on.

I also have one of his four-week muscle building fat loss programs to give away. If you’d like a copy just click the link below.

Click Here –>  Turbulence Training Workout

The fat loss workouts this video last just 12 minutes. The idea is to do the circuit as many times as possible within that 12 minute span. It is a bodyweight workout, allowing you to do it anywhere at anytime.

Here are a list of the moves contained in this body weight fat loss circuit:

  1. Decline Push-Up
  2. Wall Slides
  3. Bent Knee Back Extension
  4. Stability Ball Jackknife
  5. Jumping Jacks

Complete 15 reps for each exercise except for the jumping jacks, there you would do  60 reps. Rest one minute then repeat the circuit. Your goal is to get through it as many times as possible, shooting for four.

Even though you’re racing against the clock it is important you maintain perfect form throughout each rep in every exercise.

There you have it a quick effective workout. You go through that routine or circuit has many times you can in the 12 minute period.

I have included Craig’s video to make a low easier for you to follow.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll be sure to answer them for you.

free turbulence training fat loss muscle building workoutBe sure to get your copy of the turbulence training for week fat burning muscle toning workout program. Just click the link below.

Click Here –>  Turbulence Training Workout

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