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Muscle Mass Strength Building Misconceptions

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Top Muscle Building Myths

Could these strength and mass building myths be limiting your results in the gym. Could your workouts use some new life to spur on muscle growth.

Some common misconceptions and excuses that exist around muscle building.

With all the conflicting training advice available online and in muscle magazines it is easy to get confused  and have your weight training workouts get derailed.

Maybe the most prevalent myth that stalls peoples training and prevents muscle building is…

high volume training!

This mindset has been around for a long time, there’s been passed down from gym goer to gym goer without much thought. This is unfortunate because there really isn’t any concrete evidence that supports a high volume of training in your workouts to build bigger muscles get stronger.

The pump you get from volume training, along with a few guys that have succeeded with excessive volume helps keep this myth afloat.

The muscle magazines definitely promote various myths. They encourage you to use every imaginable supplements and provide you with these marathon workouts that set you up for failure.

It has been mentioned before that many of the supplements on the market are designed not to do anything. I have a free supplement review guide that you can pick up and discover the disturbing truth about the supplement companies. Just click the link below and get your free copy along with some free videos.

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Another sad mass building misconception

  • you can’t build muscle and make great progress without steroids. This is a self defeatist attitude and is simply not true.

Bad genetics, can’t can muscle or size because they are a hardgainer, too tall, etc…

This is a popular one. Lots of people blame genetics saying they are too skinny, or too tall to build muscle.

This one is ridiculous. It is true that genetics play a role in your growth and development and ultimately your potential, most lifters will never truly reach their genetic potential. Using the hard-gainer excuse as a crutch will guarantee you sub par results in your training from now til eternity.

There have been some genetic misfits who made incredible muscle gains. So much so that they always get asked what steroids they had been taking. This is because they had the balls to train like they needed…

the dedication to eat right…

the smarts to rest as much as was needed!

Most people simply don’t have what it takes! The only genetic capacity they may be missing is mental toughness.

For a coach or trainer to say or write that is even worse than just the average trainee or athlete saying that. Making a comment like that shows that you have no heart and no balls, and in that case you should never, EVER be coaching or training ANYONE!

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