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HDT Wokouts for Faster Fatburning Faster Muscle

Watch How You Can Get Incredible Fat-Burning

And Muscle-Toning Results In 7-14 Minutes!

Take a look now –>> 7 minute muscle – 7 Minute Fat Loss

In the video you will see how short 7-14 minute workouts are better for…

fat loss…


muscle gain…

compared to long workouts.

I am sure you do not buy it, well it freaks a lot of people out.

When people see Jon Benson, the creator of the 7 minute muscle program they assume the guy trains for hours a day.


Jon works out for about a total of 3 hours a week total in the gym when I’m not preparing for a photoshoot. When I am I increase the cardio… that’s it.

However, I spend HALF the year training about 1.5 hours a week in the gym using my 7 Minute Muscle workouts.

I like training longer, so I mix it up… but the results I get from 7 Minute Muscle are equal OR better than longer workouts so this next year I plan to train using ‘nothing’ but 7MM.

More here:

http://www.7minutemuscle.com/go/atltrainer <—new.page

I’ve been getting swamped with questions about one thing in particular:

WHY are shorter workouts better for fatloss?

The secret behind this is a trademarked term (by me… : )

“Hyper-Density Training”

HDT is the most unique form of density training there is.

Density training is basically more work in less time.

This creates the demand for more energy.

More energy spent = greater fatloss.

More energy demanded = more lean muscle.

All of this in 7-14 minutes per day.

3-5 days per week.

I made a new website about HDT to explain it.

Go here now…

this comes down in a few days:

http://www.7minutemuscle.com/go/atltrainer <—about HDT

P.S. HDT works for everyone, even those who workout in their home without weights.

Just by going to the new page you’ll learn how to use the principles behind HDT (freee) to help you with your workouts…

… and you can also get the “last-call” for my System that covers HDT and brevity training in detail…

… for a massive discount…

… here:

http://www.7minutemuscle.com/go/atltrainer <—about HDT

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