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Google Street View Pranks

I thought this was kind of weird, strange, unusual and somewhat comical.

Google Street view uses a car to take pictures for their maps site. This camera has caught lots of different people doing lots of different things. There’ve been people seen picking up prostitutes, robberies have been witnessed.

On the  funny side the camera has witnessed plenty of shenanigans. In Germany  you have these two guys dressed in scuba suits and pitchforks. In Illinois the camera, girl flashing, there’s a photo of one guy dressed as Waldo. Countless people have been caught relieving themselves, some  have even been caught after they had too much to drink and the camera catches them losing their cookies. There’s even one view  with a Google car gets caught in an unfortunate circumstance, the global car is seen hitting and killing a deer.

I’ve included a few other pictures for you to take a look at.

Aside from the pranksters Google has had some amazing pictures and views. You can travel to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. I think that is kind of cool myself. What a great way to see some neat and interesting things.

Over 100 cities have been  mapped and photographed from around the world. Google is one restricted Celt suggests cities, you can expect to see hiking trails amusement parks and even college campuses.

Check it out for yourself, go visit Stone edge, after that take a trip to Sea world, then angered Tripp in Singapore as it became the first   Southeast Asian country to be included on global  Street view.

You can go check this place out for yourself just click the link below.


Google removes the scandalous photos when they become aware of them so you may miss out on some of those, but I still think Stone edge in Pompeii are pretty cool site do suggest you take a look around.

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