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Full Body Workout on a Bike

full body workout spin class

A new Spin on an Old Class

A new trend in NYC is emerging…

jump in a spin class and get a full body workout. Soul-Cycle in New York is changing the traditional spin class. They have created a full body workout at their indoor cycling studio.

Therabands hang from the ceiling above each spin bike to give the rides a full body workout. There is even a core routine done on the bike.The hour long class is broken in two sections, roughly 1/3 is cadio and the other 2/3 is working out using the bands.

The bands add a lot of versatility to the workout allowing you to do traditional exercises lat pull downs, shoulder raises, triceps, presses and a lot more. Now you are not going to get an arm pumping Ronnie Coleman biceps workout routine but you are going to get more than the regular spin class.

This short news clip gives you a  brief glimpse into this emerging trend out of the Big Apple.  I am not sure it will catch on take a look and let me know what you think.

  • Is this something you would like to see in your neighbourhood
  • how effective do think this routine is at building muscle and burning fat
  • do you think it will catch on

As you can see from the clip the class is high energy and a little different. Now like anything new it will take some time to get the hang of it. If I am ever in the NYC area or the trend spreads around the country I think I will give it a try.

That being said I do not have any plans to give up my more traditional strength training workouts or pass on the interval training to burn fat and build muscle, but it may be a nice change.

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  • Helen in ontario

    This looks exactly like what I am looking for! Do you have any dvds?

  • Sorry Helen; no DVD’s. I came across it one day and found it interesting so i thought I would share it. There are only one or two places that do it as far as I know.

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