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Free Audio Fitness Diet Fat Burning Information

You will not believe the info in this jam packed call.  Scott Colby and Jon Benson deliver for quality content for over 30 minutes.  They dig into fat burning for weight loss. Some of the questions you can expect to find answers to include:

  • how much weight can you realistically expect to burn in a week
  • how many inches can be lost in 6 days
  • a look at building muscle and burning fat at the same time
  • how to enjoy your desserts and still burn fat
  • and more…

That is just what they cover within the fat burning weight loss category.  They cover way more than that….

  • whole grains and disease
  • something you can do today with little effort to your health and appearance
  • why it is import to get stronger once you are over 30
  • 2 simple exercises you can do at work to remove back strain and improve your abs

This 30min plus audio is so chopped with great info and tips you will have to listen a few times.  Just click the link below to listen in…


Be sure to check out Jon’s post —>>The Science Behind Shorter Workouts

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