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Can You Defend Yourself?

Real self defense street fighting

Mixed martial arts vs street fighting.

I’m excited to let you know that next week I will be introducing all my readers to some practical self defense.

I know  mixed martial arts, as in the ultimate fighter, or the UFC is popular now, but as a practical.

Just as in boxing, the UFC has lots of rules. This is perfectly acceptable and a wise decision. These guys are providing entertainment and trying to make a living, there isn’t any need for them to get beat up or seriously injured.

Now I am sure these guys can hold her own on the street, especially the big heavyweight guys. But imagine you have somebody that is looking to do some serious harm and doesn’t obey the typical MMA rules. This could be a serious disaster.

The information you will start to see next week is actual real practical self defense. If you’re in no holds barred situation where you have to defend yourself or your loved one, these are the tactics you need to take.

Fighters most often encountered on the streets are not your average professional fighters. They may be just as big and just as dangerous so don’t underestimate them just because they’re not professional fighters. They may be less skilled but nonetheless dangerous, in fact they could even be more dangerous. The street thug isn’t bound by the rules of the boxing ring or the MMA octagon.

When it comes to street self-defense you also have to take into account the environment. Again you are not confined to a soft ring with the referee.

In a life and death situation, you have to at least try even if your techniques are not 100 percent effective. However, I am not advocating violence. If for any reason you do know the situation without escalating to violence I highly recommend that your first option. First thing to do is to try talking your way out. If that doesn’t work there is no shame in backing down. If running  is a viable option do that. REMEMBER a physical confrontation is your absolute LAST resort. Only when all else has failed we resort to any of the techniques you will see next week.

If you are looking for real practical self-defense that could save you or your loved ones I suggest you bookmark us now and come back next week and see what I have in store.

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