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Beginner Turbulence Training Warm Up

quick and easy warm up

This is the Turbulence Training beginner level workout to burn fat and build muscle. Along with proper warm up.

Every workout needs to start with a warm-up.

In this TT warmup you get started with 3 bodyweight exercises. Do them back-to-back-to back, don’t take any rest between the exercises. After all 3 are done take a 30 second break. Then repeat the warmup for a second time.

That is the general warm-up for the workout.

–>> Fat Burning Muscle Building Workout

So, the 3 bodyweight exercises are going to be:

  1. prisoner squats
  2. pushups
  3. stability ball leg curls

These 3 exercises make for a good total body warm-up.

Prisoner Squat Exercise…

place your hands behind your head as if you were being arrested in the prisoner position. This will allow you to work your upper back in a squat movement by keeping the shoulder blades together. Now, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and then squat down and up, repeating for a total of 10 repetitions.

Pushup or kneeling pushup Exercise…

do 8 repetitions. Bring your chest down to the floor and up, making sure to keep your abs braced and your body in a straight line. The kneeling pushup is performed the same way with the exception that you are doing it from your knees.

Stability ball leg curl Exercise…

Laying with your back on the floor, and feet on the ball, bridge your hips up and curl the ball back in, keeping your body in a straight line. Repeat this for 8 repetitions, rest 30 seconds and then repeat the warm-up exercises one more time.

For a longer more complex warmup check out the video below.

Now you’re ready for your specific warm-up.

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