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Flat Stomach Sexy 6 Pack Abs – Seen on TV

Flat Stomach Sexy 6 Pack Abs – Seen on TV post image

If you have ever watched late night TV I am sure you have seen all the health and fitness infomercials. The products they push cover every possible gamut. There are countless fitness and exercise products promoted. For the longest time electric stimulus was the big thing. Remember Dr Ho, and others like him along with their products, and fads. As popular as they are can they really deliver on their claims of a new sculpted and strong body?

  • Can they give you that six pack?
  • Will you get a flat stomach like they promise?
  • Any chance you look like the models in the infomercial?

Before we answer that question, let’s start with a little background information on what this equipment was originally designed for.Electric ab stimulators were, and still are used in medical rehab situations. They are designed to keep muscles from atrophying, wasting away in situations where a limb must be immobilized. For example, if you broke your leg, the doctor could place an electrode on the muscle and use electricity to make it contract. This would provide a minimum level of stimulation, thus keeping the muscle active. So you can see there is an applicable application and effective use for electrical stimulation and muscular development.

You can also see that it is for extreme cases only. As far as building muscle, getting a sexy stomach, 6 pack like the ads or a firm but as the TV ads claim…

forget it. Those claims are not backed up by research, or common sense. The level of electrical stimulation necessary to build up the abdominal muscles to what you see on TV would be extremely high, and without a doubt, excruciatingly painful.

Many companies that sell these belts also claim that the belts help burn fat. In reality, the small muscle contractions produced by these belts burn about as many calories as the effort required to take the belt out of the box and put the batteries in.

Take a close at the fine print with threse products. As part of the instructions on proper use include a suggested exercise and nutrition plan. Without exercise and nutrition regime, you wouldn’t get any results at all from the devices.

But what about people you may know who have tried the belts and say that they feel something when they use it? well, there is no question that the belt or any other electrical stimulation device does provide a small level of stimulation, after all that was what it was ment to do. Sticking your finger in electrical outlet will give you some stimulation too, but won’t add any muscle to you.

When a person’s abs are totally lacking any form of stimulation, any amount of stimulation has the potential to produce results. It is simply a matter of something is better than nothing in this case, not a whole lot better, though. A much better solution for working your abdominal muscles effectively grab your free 3 day mini ecourse, just click the link below.

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