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5 Weird Flat Abdominal Fitness Tips

flat stomach

flat stomachFlat Sexy Abdominals

If you’ are currently struggling to transform you midsection trying  to get flat, sexy abs and burn stomach fat with traditional workouts, then these 5 weird abdominal exercise and diet tips may be just what you are in search of.

These five tips are backed by plenty of personal experience, both as an athlete and trainer, plus studying and researching experts in the field. This represents the best way to have a great abdominal region with six pack abs.

Today, you’ll discover 5 weird tips you might not know when it comes to getting a flat stomach and firm abs.

1.  Interval training ratio – 1 to 1.5 work-to-rest ratio is quite possibly the best ratio for burning fat.

This ratio is based on an Australian study. In that study researchers found 8 second intervals followed by a 12 second rest periods for significantly more stomach then and doing long slow cardio.

An interval time of 24 seconds intense fall by 36 seconds of rest work just as well at boosting fat burning hormones as the 8 second 12 second interval.

2.  Carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables – Dr. Chris Mohr’s number 1 diet tip was to consume the vast majority of your carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables.

3. 2 minute plank – Dr. Stuart McGill, the world’s leading expert on low back health, says in his book that a person with fit abs should be able to do a plank exercise for 2 minutes straight.

4. Supersets -  pair together two or more noncompeting exercises. Without resting move from one exercise to the next.

Research has shown that super setting exercises burns more calories than a typical bodybuilding straight set resistance training program.

The benefits of short, burst superset workout programs are twofold. First off you save time, you can get the same workout in half the time as compared to a traditional weight training program.  The second may be the most important benefit is, you’re burning more fat then you would in a traditional strength training program.

5. Body Fat Percentage -  I did a post earlier, check it out here.  Ideal Body Fat to See Your Abs? In order to see your abs you will have to have a decent body fat percentage.

The more muscle you have, the easier it will be too see your abs. But the bottom line is that you need to use the Simple Nutrition plan combined with the short, burst exercise workouts to burn belly fat to see your sexy abs.

BONUS Tip -  Increase the difficulty of the plank by using a stability ball. Research reported in Men’s Health magazine reported this exercise to be 30% harder on your abs than a regular plank.

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