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5 Suggestions For Effective Programming

Designing an Effective Weight Training Program Can Be Difficult Task

I saw a fairly good article by  Charles Stanley,  of Stanley training systems. I printed the article out on my workout blog, you can check it out here if you like:  Weight Training Blog

Excise and workout planingI will do a quick recap for you here though.

His first recommendation is to get rid of the body part split. In the past I have done full body workouts, and individual muscles. I have to admit there are pros and cons to both. One reason he recommends you do a full body workout, is that he can hit each muscle more frequently. If you’re working out once a day, a body part split just doesn’t allow enough volume over the course of the week. For those that endorse the body part split claim that you hit each muscle group more intensely thus needing more rest.

Stanley doesn’t agree with this, and thinks they just are not going to get enough volume. He believes each body part is to be trained twice a week at least.

He also recommends using a weekly cycle. An example of this is my last week training cycle where I get two days on one day off. I would do her body on day one lower body on day two and rest on day three. Then on day four was  back to upper body, and day five was back to lower body exercises.

I think this is a good point for time efficiency. He suggests you use exercises with maximum diversity and minimum redundancy. This would entail using compound lifts, which are a big fan of in addition to great variation.

This is an excellent point. If something hurts don’t do it. I know people like the bench and they often have shoulder problems ,  they love the exercise so they continue to  do it regardless of the pain. This mentality is just crazy and need to be avoided at all costs.

If It Hurts Stop!

His last point is a little different than how I do things. He doesn’t believe in periodization. He does offer some flexibility  suggesting you have a plan, but you have to stick to it. As you know somedays you feel good some days you don’t and he thinks you should  be able to go with that.

If you are struggling with creating a workout plan I suggest you take a look at his exercise prescription ideas.

For more detail you can check out my post:

5 practical suggestions for effective strength and weight training programming

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