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3 of the Best Ab Exercises

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No sit ups or crunches here

Today I thought I would share a video with you.  I’m sure your well aware of how important core training is in keeping you strong and injury free, particularly when it comes to the low back.

With the health benefits aside, you are probably more interested in a six pack, a flat stomach, and a great looking midsection. Today you get to see three core exercises that are fundamental to any weight loss, strength training, workout program you do.

My friend and Turbulence Training creator Craig Ballantyne demonstrates three of his favorite ab exercises, and situps, nor crunches are included.

The days of performing hundreds of situps and crunches are well behind us. Check out Craig’s three favorite ab exercises and their variations. You are welcome to try them as core circuit for a phenomenal abdominal workout. If you do it into a circuit fashion you will hit the ads hired, but with all the stress on the lower back.

These abs exercises will give you great results, burn belly fat, and get you ripped abs!

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Here are the ab shaping core exercises contained in the video:

  1. Rollout -   for this exercise you will need either an ab wheel, or if you’re at a gym you can add a couple of plates to a barbell and do it that way as well.
  2. Jackknives – There are all sorts of variations of this exercise. you can do it with the TRX. You can do on a slide board. Or you can do it as Craig does in the video resting your elbows on a bench with your feet on a stability ball, placing your body in a plank-like position. You also see him do it with his hands on the floor.
  3. Mountain climber -  Just like the other exercises you have a few different choices here as well. You can support herself on an upside down BOSU, you can do it straight legged, or cross body as Craig has done in the video.

There you have it, Turbulence Training creators recommendation for the top ab exercises around. What makes these exercises better than some of the other exercises is the amount of conditioning involved. Compare these to conventional plank, which is an excellent exercise in itself, they’ll increase your heart rate so much more. With this increased heart rate comes extra calorie melting fat burning training.

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