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3 Quick Fixes to Interval Training

3 Quick Fixes to Interval Training post image

Interval training workouts…

are the best way to a flat stomach, well next to diet.

Being the best exercise method to burn fat has increased the popularity of interval workouts everywhere. That’s great, but there is a downside too.

Way too many people do their interval training workout routines wrong. Even personal trainers and fitness magazines mess up, and aren’t 100% sure of what they are talking about.

Like anything as interval workouts get popular they become watered down, and big problems begin to surface.

3 big problems you can you can run into with interval training…

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If you have been involved in fitness for any amount of time I am sure you have tried some kind of interval training…

but what kind of RESULTS did it produce?

3 Problems With Interval Training

1. They Stop Working

change your interval workoutJust like any fitness program intervals can stop working if you do the same workout for too long of a time without a change.

It is a good idea to switch them up every 6 weeks or so.  It does not have to be a huge change, but something in your interval workout must change.

Do the same workout for too long without a change will slow down your results.

So if you’re doing intervals and you’re stuck at a fat loss plateau, then it is time for a new interval workout.

2. They Can be Dangerous

If you are not sure what you are doing intervals can be dangerous. Jumping into an advanced interval program isn’t smart. It is best to start off slow, simple, and easy.

That does not mean to stay away from them. Beginners can do interval training if they get a well designed workout.

3. Not sure What to Do For Intervals

Of course you know about sprints and hill runs but what else is there…

There are an endless combinations of exercises and ways to do intervals.

If you are of the mindset that you need a treadmill or bike to do interval

training workouts, I have some news for you.

You can do the the more common ones…

  • sprint hills
  • use kettlebells
  • bodyweight exercises… like squats
  • long flight of stairs
  • med ball
  • ropes
  • sledge hammer
  • old tires
  • sled drags
  • skipping, or jump rope to some of you

There are just a few ideas that can be done with little or no equipment.

Fix these common interval training problems and you will be back at burning fat faster then ever. Your metabolism will be revved

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