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3 Muscle Building and Fat Burning Supplement Scams

Supplement Company Secrets Revealed

 Supplement Company Secrets Revealed

Outrageous Supplement Company Tricks

That you need to know before you buy any supplement.

Supplement Secrets Revealed

With an endless supply of fat burning and muscle building supplements on the market and the bombardment of advertising, wouldn’t it be great if you knew which advertisements shams trying to peddle their snake oils, and which products were legitimate.

Your in luck. My friend Jeff, also known as the “Muscle Nerd,” has dug up some marketing tactics that the supplement companies don’t want you to know about.

Today I’m going to share with you 3 of the top misleading techniques supplement companies use in their marketing.

read on for more informationCartoon Muscle

The first deceptive trick supplement companies like to use can be described as cartoon muscle. This is where the advertisement will start by showing you a picture of very small, flat muscle fibers and say or imply that this is what your muscle fibers look like with your current training program and supplements. The next picture they show is a cartoon image of giant muscle fibers. The implication here is that if you use their product, this is what you will look like. Of course it’s easy to show a cartoon picture of huge muscles, but this is not a realistic view of how the supplement will actually work in your body.

Supplement Sprinkle

Another tactic used by companies is the “supplement sprinkle.” I’ve seen many advertisements that say something like, “27 muscle-building ingredients in every dose!” Realistically, if you put that many different ingredients into one pill, it’s not likely that you’re getting enough of each to have a real effect. Generally, the more ingredients there are in each dose, the less each of those ingredients works.

Do More Supplement Ingredients Equal Better Supplements

The supplement companies are using the “more is better” approach. When people see that there are so many different, powerful ingredients in one pill, they tend to automatically assume that it makes each of the ingredients work better. The truth is that there is so little of each of those ingredients that none of them are able to work properly or effectively in your body.
The last advertising approach is the use of “proprietary formulas.” Using this angle, marketers lead the reader to believe that the company has developed such an incredible formula that it had to be scientifically proven. Most people don’t understand that virtually anything can be called a proprietary formula. You could create a supplement with camel snot in it and still tell people that it is a proprietary formula!
The trick is that it has the allure of being secret; people are naturally drawn to it. However, my general rule is that if the company is keeping their ingredients a secret, they may be trying to hide something about their formula. If this is the case, that company’s product is not worth buying.
To sum it all up, look carefully for unrealistic images, don’t buy supplements with an excessive number of ingredients, and don’t let scientific claims make you think a product is better than others.

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